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Monday, 21.04.2014, 14:03
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Easy Missy Flowers Search business idea

Missy Flowers is a new visual shopping search engine that helps convenience-seeking shoppers find that perfect flower delivery gift, without having to shift through multiple websites to compare products and prices. Shoppers can search over 3,000 flowers, plants and gift baskets by the leading American flower delivery websites, such as 1-800-Flowers and FTD.

Missy Flowers makes the task of shifting through thousands of products much easier allowing users to refine searches by occasion, type of flower, plant, gourmet gift, color, price and merchant. Flowers are beautifully presented with large, full-color thumbnails. Hover over the thumbnails to view a larger clearer sample of the product.

To help shoppers save money, Missy Flowers also offers official coupons. MissyFlowers.com targets American consumers with plans to expand into other countries, and add versions for mobile devices such as the iPad next year.

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