Eco-friendly Skin Remedy for Horses Business Ideas

Thursday, 23.03.2017, 15:19
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Eco-friendly Skin Remedy for Horses business idea

Halifax Courier UK: Natural skin treatments have been launched by a company passionate about animals and its eco-friendly approach.
Mags and Graham Roxburgh, who care for a host of animals in Holywell Green, poured months of hard work into researching and creating a mix of natural products to create what they say is a non-chemical based cure for horses infected with "sweet itch”.
The tests by the couple’s company, Stable Environment Ltd, have led to the launch of the Ultimate Two-in-One Fly Repellent and Skin Tonic.
Managing Director Mrs Roxburgh had already learned how essential oils could heal and prevent skin disorders in both humans and animals as a trichologist of 15 years. And it was these techniques, as well as those picked up as a qualified aromatherapist and hairdresser, that she used to blend oils to make her environmentally-friendly products.
She is keen to create products which were gentle on animals and affordable for a wide market.

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Hi Rob!From the last beullt point, are we to assume that this split test showed that you were right? It doesn't seem to be mentioned elsewhere.As you imply, this strikes me as a very risky undertaking unless you're 100% confident that you'll get a result in favour of your side of the argument.Get it wrong, and not only do you have to acquiesce to the client's immediate wishes, but also you'll be sowing the seeds of doubt in the mind of the client when it comes to working with you in the future.Not that I'm suggesting immediate capitulation to avoid this risk, you understand. Perhaps go about it in a less transparent my idea versus your idea' way. Or prep your client so that they understand that there are no guarantees when it comes to the web, and that some mistakes are inevitable on the path to greater success.

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