Exotic Vine Wine Business Ideas

Friday, 24.02.2017, 08:52
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Exotic Vine Wine business idea

Luxist: L’Esprit de June is an exotic vine flower liqueur created from grape blossoms. L’Esprit de June, also called June Liqueur, is created by combining the vine flower distillates of three different grape varietals with a grape spirit base in an effort to capture the essence of French vineyards in the springtime. All hand-picked and combined using French wine-making methods, Ugni Blanc flowers add flavors of pear and peach, Merlot flowers contribute aromas of wild strawberry and cherry, and Cabernet Sauvignon blooms bring notes of strawberry, raspberry, and violet.

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Great tips in this post!It reminds me of the old saniyg that goes something like everyone loves to buy but hates to be sold What you are suggesting is to create and build on a personal relationship. Many people don't realize how they are approaching their potential clients. In your outline from above you are approaching from that of a friend or acquaintance, rather then thorn in the side sales person.Great advice for anyone in business!Keep it upMatthew Shields

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