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Sunday, 23.11.2014, 00:02
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Holidays in a Box business idea Offered under the Mumbai-based SOTC brand of global travel company Kuoni, Box Holidays are tangible, prepackaged travel offerings that can be purchased online or off the shelf in a participating retail store. Rather than having to spend time and effort researching options with a travel agent, purchasers can simply buy a Box Holiday, which features all the key details on the outside of the box, including price, validity period, service inclusions and exclusions, complimentary offers, loyalty benefits, discounts, cancellation rules and hotel images.

Buyers (or recipients) of SOTC Box Holidays need only call to schedule the dates on which they’d like to redeem the package. Pricing begins at INR 7,000 for a three-day, two-night domestic getaway for two, and travel can be done at any time within the package’s validity period. International packages begin at INR 47,410 for four days and three nights, and price protection against exchange rate fluctuations is included.

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