Indoor Gardening Fun Business Ideas

Thursday, 23.03.2017, 15:18
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Indoor Gardening Fun business idea


Cool Tools: Green Toys’ Indoor Gardening Kit all made their way into our home as gifts and then won us over across generational lines. They’re constructed of recycled milk cartons (high-density polyethylene), have a clean, attractive, colorful-but-not-garish aesthetic and are just shy of bulletproof.
The gardening kit’s a pleasure because it requires parental involvement (for the recently post-toddler set, at least), and patience from grownups and kids, alike: Plant a seed and watch it grow is a long-term activity, after all. The kit comes with three seed options – basil, sunflower and zinnias — if you don’t already have a supply on hand. Your child gets to choose what she wants to plant and take some ownership in the process.

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Thanks for vstiiing and joining the blog hop!! And I think a bookflix idea is wonderful. You could even go as far as doing autobooks on cds if you did want to give customers another way besides on reading online to purchase your product. I think that you are on to something. This would come in very handy for high school and middle school students who now have required reading lists!

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