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Thursday, 23.03.2017, 15:22
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Interactive Citi in NYC business idea

TrendBird: The flagship branch that Citibank opened in New York’s Union Square today is a bit different from banks in its other locations.

Instead of picking up a paper brochure, patrons can use one of the six interactive sales walls with touchscreen capabilities to learn more about bank services. Instead of using deposit envelopes, they can use enhanced-image ATMs to deposit checks without them. And instead of waiting for business hours to speak with a customer service representative, customers can use a 24/7 video chat station in the ATM lobby.

Some features of the new bank seem more suited for a cafe or a airport lounge than a bank. Customers can access free Wi-Fi (in a private seating lounge if they are Citigold customers), and "media walls” display news, weather, and information about Citibank. Atmosphere Proximity, Citi’s digital agency, also designed a chip with the bank’s social media team that accesses a special Foursquare feed. Whenever a certain amount of people check in to the branch, an "internal marketing screen” shows which users are inside the branch at that very moment
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Hiya,I think your pointing in the right genarel direction, though I'd position EA either the department that says no or the department that tells you want you're allowed to have , rather than technical visionaries. There typically more focused on their TOGAF roles, technology PowerPoints, and tuning their data models, than helping the business move forward. A good dose of business insight would be a good thing. (This is why I like to do IT strategy in a workshop where the technologists are outnumbered by the business; it keeps the technologists in line )If we think about it, the whole area/problem of grey IT (IT procured directly by the business, without IT department involvement) is just the thin end of this wedge. Gone are they days where you needed detailed knowledge of MQ et al to understand what to do, and the business has realised that — in many instances — there's nothing stopping them solving the problem themselves. Need CRM? Stick a credit card into, spend a few moments configuring it, and we're off. I'm seeing more and more IT departments spend a non-trivial amount of time trying to control business access to vendors (ie. control business access to information about technology) to try and stop this.So I'm with you. IT planning is obviously important, but IT planning as currently practiced is irrelevant to the business. Let's reinvent EA, and let's do it hand-in-hand with the business. r.PEG

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