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Wednesday, 29.03.2017, 16:19
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Lifebooker Makes It Easy business idea

TrendBlog: Be it hair cuts, laser hair removal or acupuncture, Lifebooker’s appointment-booking model is especially convenient because you can go to it on an as-needed basis, rather than a "I think this might perhaps come in handy in the future” basis, which is often the case with Groupon-style deals (although Lifebooker also offer have their own Groupon-style "Lifebooker Loots”). Other Lifebooker advantages include not needing to wait until the end of the day to confirm a deal; being able to book appointments immediately and at short notice, even today or tomorrow; the business not being booked up for weeks in advance because of a rush of new coupon-holders; and not having to remember coupons as payment occurs at the establishment. Lifebooker is great for businesses, too, as it allows them to fill time slots that would otherwise go at a loss.

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