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Thursday, 24.04.2014, 16:34
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Meal Planning Tips business idea

Trends Updates: A new kiosk selling food created by Kraft answered the final question of who goes to the supermarket to buy dinner, "What do I want to eat?” Called "Meal Planning Solution”, the machine uses a facial scanner to see what you want to eat and make suggestions for recipes and products for purchase. It is one of the products in the Connected Store, Intel project which provides several solutions to transform spaces in the stores even more interesting.

The creation is based on the idea that 70% of Americans do not know what they want to buy in a supermarket to get there. The machine then makes suggestions to people, recommending dishes that go beyond the 10 most consumed in the country, ranging from pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers and chicken. Nevertheless, the suggestions of Kraft products always involve, of course.

The sensor of the machine scans the person’s face and sorts according to the group you find most appropriate: one can be a mother, for example, searching for something to make dinner for the family. A young boy could get a hint of pizza.

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