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Online Yoga for Your Customization business idea

Springwise: In what has become a vast sea of online yoga offerings, it takes something special to make a particular site stand out. For YogaVibes, that something is the inclusion of real fellow students, as we noted last year. For YogaTailor, on the other hand, it’s a feature that customizes the site’s online yoga classes to fit the viewer’s expertise and available time.

Aiming to make its online yoga classes more widely accessible than most, YogaTailor begins by asking the student how much time they have available that day as well as their level of experience and whether they are pregnant or have back pain. Once that information has been gathered, the site creates a custom online yoga video that can be streamed immediately. Programs are different on different days so as to prevent boredom; they even adapt over time as the student progresses. Either way, they can be followed at the viewer’s pace and don’t take more time than he or she has.

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