Precision Coffee Maker Business Ideas

Wednesday, 22.02.2017, 22:42
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Precision Coffee Maker business idea

Gizmodo: The coffee’s often underextracted, even in typically great shops—and that’s not surprising when you’ve got one barista trying to handle five hand-crafted coffees simultaneously with only his two hands. Consistency is hard. It requires care, man. Unless you’re a robot. Like Starbucks’ Clover Precision Pourover machine.

Right now, there is only one of these machines in the whole world. It’s at Roy St. Coffee & Tea in Seattle, which is actually a Starbucks coffee lab hidden in plain sight. (It is, very seriously, the best Starbucks in the whole world, perhaps the only one that is a legitimately good coffee shop.) The Clover Precision Pourover machine was built by the dudes who developed the Clover, a $12,000 precision coffee-brewing machine. It, like the original Clover, is designed to solve one of the hardest problems in brewing coffee: You guessed it, consistency.

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