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Quantum Fridge business idea

Softpedia:  A team of particle physicists announces the creation of a refrigerator, in a quantum system made up of three individual qubits, or quantum bits.

These are the basic components of such a system, and they all respect the entanglement principle. This basically states that any change affecting one of the qubits will affect the other two immediately.

The researchers who designed and created this particular innovation say that they used nothing more than the basic principles of thermodynamics for the job, adding only a little twist at the end.

The basic operating principle in the quantum refrigerator is fairly simple – the qubit in the hot bath acts on the second qubit through entanglement, forcing it to extract energy from the third qubit. This means that the latter is becoming increasingly cooler, so that the system remains in balance. In theory, its temperature can be cooled further if the hot bath is made even hotter

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