Regenerative Bike Brakes by Ebike Business Ideas

Thursday, 24.04.2014, 05:25
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Regenerative Bike Brakes by Ebike business idea

Trends Updates: The ebike, that has been developed in collaboration with GRACE, essentially generates power through the kinetic energy produced by the rider’s pedaling and this electric power in turn is used to assist the riders in their journey. The electric power is generated via a 250W brushless direct current wheel hub motor and the electric support while riding the bike can be controlled through buttons located on the handlebar of the ebike. The smart ebike is powered by a 36-volt/9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery pack, that has been conveniently and discreetly placed within the frame paneling above the crankcase. The battery itself can be charged through regular household power sockets and gets a complete recharge in about two to three hours. One of the most astounding features of the smart ebike is that, as soon as the bike reaches a speed limit of 15 mph, the electric assist is automatically turned off and the rest of the ride is powered purely through muscle energy. As per the creators of the ebike, this incredible vehicle can attain a maximum range of 30 kms to 90 kms
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