Salad Spinning Bag Business Ideas

Friday, 24.02.2017, 08:55
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Salad Spinning Bag business idea

Cool Tools: You simply place freshly washed greens in the bag, twist the top of the bag closed, make a fist around the twist and spin the bag vigorously a few times quickly. Water is automatically collected into a reservoir at the bottom of the bag and drains out from a channel running along one side. Works as well as any salad spinner I’ve ever used.

Both the packaging and the website have excellent illustrations to help you do it right the first time, but it’s kind of obvious once you see the bag and there are brief written guides and arrows printed on the bag itself. It’s so ridiculously simple that once you’ve done it, you’ll never forget how.

Perfect for travelers because it’s just a cleverly designed plastic bag that you can fold up and take with. It stores anywhere, even a pocket or tucked in a corner of a briefcase. Because I sometimes travel on a moment’s notice and frequently make my own salads, I keep one stashed in every travel case, tucked inside a small zip lock bag.

The bag can also be used to store the greens. Just fluff the greens in the bag, use a twist tie to close and it keeps greens fresh in the refrigerator much longer than the bags they come in from the market.

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Hello, I like this artcile. Very well written. However, not everyone can afford to turn work away or even take the time to do such testing to show ideas. This isn't possible every time.

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