Solar Trap Business Ideas

Thursday, 23.03.2017, 15:20
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Solar Trap business idea

Springwise: Pest control is a hotly contested topic, owing largely to the toxicity of the chemicals that are typically involved. So it’s hard not to take notice when an alternative emerges that’s not only chemical-free, but based on solar power as well.

Developed by South Korean Eco Solatec, the Solar Trap uses a BLB lamp to attract mosquitoes, moths, mayflies and other common pests, and then propel them by fan into an inescapable netting. Eminently suitable for agricultural settings as well as recreation areas such as parks and golf courses, the Solar Trap can be used 8 hours a day after just 5 hours of charging — which takes place on cloudy days as well as sunny ones. The device generates its own energy, creating no pollution in the process; it also automatically deactivates when it’s raining, turning itself back on again after the rain stops. It turns off when temperatures fall below 12 C as well.

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