Ultimate Duo Luxurious Coffee Machine Business Ideas

Friday, 31.07.2015, 16:19
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Ultimate Duo Luxurious Coffee Machine business idea

BornRich: A well-designed coffee machine is as much a consideration as the brewing performance when you are in the market for buying one. Sieger design has designed a new generation of coffee machine for Kaffee Partner with the "Ultima Duo.” The machine pleases with its aesthetic looks along with a touchscreen interface with different icons cups for an innovative yet minimalist interface. The use of black and materials such as glass and robust galvanized stainless steel give it an elegant yet hi-tech look. The Ultima Duo by designer Michael Winner has been awarded the "iF Product Design Award 2011” award. The machine has two grinding mills, processing two different types of beans and over 50 possible coffees for individual needs just at the touch of a button.

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Could you please provide us with more information regarding Ultimate Duo Coffee Machine? Where can we buy it? How much is it? Is there any service plan?
I would appreciate your e-mail back.
Thank you very much.

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