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Wallets to Wear business idea

Springwise: There are many occasions in life in which carrying a wallet or purse is inconvenient, and yet there are also very few alternatives. Rather than storing money and keys in a shoe or — heaven forbid — an undergarment, San Francisco-based Rogiu LLC has come up with a much more stylish solution: bracelets and wristbands with a wallet hidden inside.

Launched earlier this year, Wallets2wear are available in numerous styles for both women and men, including a variety of fabric and beaded designs as well as watch-based and formal alternatives featuring silver beads or pearls. Regardless of the style, the inner side of each elasticized or Velcro-closed bracelet features a pouch capable of accommodating a credit card, ID, key, cash or even lipstick. Prices range from USD 12 for a sports wrist wallet to USD 150 for a freshwater pearl or sterling formal version.

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