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Springwise: Metro Mates is the first service we’ve seen targeted at commuters underground, adopting Bluetooth technology to allow usage on the New Delhi Metro. To join the service, users create an account on the Metro Mates website and enter key pieces of information about themselves, such as personality traits, physical build, and whether they are seeking a relationship or a friendship. However, the service then differs from other dating or meet-up services by asking commuters to fill in their usual journey times and routes on the New Delhi public transport network. Users are then given a unique code, which fellow commuters can use whilst traveling to identify them by and subsequently initiate a connection via Bluetooth — assuming they like what they se ... Read more »
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TrendOriginal: Riding on the waves of global warming comes the Ark.

The Ark Hotel is a concept for a vacation home designed to protect from extreme weather and created to be self-reliant.

The arch-shaped building, has a structure that enables it to float and exist autonomously on the surface of the water. The Ark was also designed to be a bioclimatic house with independent life-support systems, including elements ensuring a closed-functioning cycle. Wind turbines and its transparent roof is used to create energy. Rainwater can be collected from the roof. A load-bearing system of arches and cables allows weight redistribution along the entire corpus in case of an earthquake.

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BornRich: For those who are ready to splurge on a private jet-setting experience to celebrate the New Year in ultimate luxury, Air Partner proposes to Christmas 2010, the Jet Card, a card to climb with 25-hour flight to be used at will. The cardholder can plan a last-minute vacation anytime to use the actual flight hours, and aircraft availability is guaranteed even during times of high season. The cardholder can even terminate the program at any time to obtain a refund of unused hours, so you are free to plan your vacation as per you like.

Category: Travel & Transport | Reads: 4064 | Added: admin | Date: 17.03.2011 | Comments(1) Offered under the Mumbai-based SOTC brand of global travel company Kuoni, Box Holidays are tangible, prepackaged travel offerings that can be purchased online or off the shelf in a participating retail store. Rather than having to spend time and effort researching options with a travel agent, purchasers can simply buy a Box Holiday, which features all the key details on the outside of the box, including price, validity period, service inclusions and exclusions, complimentary offers, loyalty benefits, discounts, cancellation rules and hotel images.

Buyers (or recipients) of SOTC Box Holidays need only call to schedule the dates on which they’d like to redeem the package. Pricing begins at INR 7,000 for a three-day, two-night domestic getaway ... Read more »

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Springwise: Located directly on the banks of the river Spree, the Nhow Berlin bills itself as the only hotel in Europe offering two professional music studios. A dedicated music manager is on staff, as is a team drawing heavily from local music colleges. Regular live events and concerts take place in the hotel’s event spaces and terraces, while first-rate DJs are on hand in the bar. The music studios are operated in collaboration with Lautstark Music GmbH/René Rennefeld, which also manage the legendary Berlin Hansa recording studios. The Nhow’s 304 rooms, meanwhile, are kitted out with iPod connections and more than 30 TV and 100 music radio stations integrated in a state-of-the-art entertainment system. Wireless Int ... Read more »

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Trends Updates: The ebike, that has been developed in collaboration with GRACE, essentially generates power through the kinetic energy produced by the rider’s pedaling and this electric power in turn is used to assist the riders in their journey. The electric power is generated via a 250W brushless direct current wheel hub motor and the electric support while riding the bike can be controlled through buttons located on the handlebar of the ebike. The smart ebike is powered by a 36-volt/9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery pack, that has been conveniently and discreetly placed within the frame paneling above the crankcase. The battery itself can be charged through regular household power sockets and gets a complete recharge in about two to three hours. One of the most astounding f ... Read more »
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CNET: Remember those X-ray glasses advertised in the back of comic books? Imagine a handheld camera that can reveal the unseen, inner structures of everything from concrete bridges to body parts.

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology under engineering professor Reza Zoughi have developed a patented device that can show the inner structures of objects in real time by using millimeter and microwave signals.

Potential applications include the detection of cancerous skin cells, termite damage to buildings, or concealed weapons at secure zones like airports.

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Trends Updates: A new kiosk selling food created by Kraft answered the final question of who goes to the supermarket to buy dinner, "What do I want to eat?” Called "Meal Planning Solution”, the machine uses a facial scanner to see what you want to eat and make suggestions for recipes and products for purchase. It is one of the products in the Connected Store, Intel project which provides several solutions to transform spaces in the stores even more interesting.

The creation is based on the idea that 70% of Americans do not know what they want to buy in a supermarket to get there. The machine then makes suggestions to people, recommending dishes that go beyond the 10 most consumed in the country, ranging from pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers and ... Read more »

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Inhabitat: While it may seem like tattoos are the norm now, no one has ink like this. A team from the University of Illinois led by John Rogers has devised a method to actually install LED lights under the skin. The research, published today in Nature Materials, saw the team develop flexible arrays 2.5 ?m thick and 100 x 100 ?m square which are currently smaller than any commercially available array.

In their research, the team printed circuits "directly onto a rigid glass substrate and then transferred them to an inexpensive biocompatible polymer called poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) to create a mesh-like array of LEDs and photodetectors.”

In short, the univer ... Read more »

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One of the more successful bike sharing services was launched in Paris in 2007 by the company Vélib’. Now a similar service is coming to New York City with a mobile technology twist.

SoBi allows users to interact with the service through their mobile phones. One can find nearby bicycles tracked by GPS, then unlock those available bikes using a mobile app.

Instead of the pre-built and deployed docking stations employed by other services, SoBi bikes will have a "lock box” attached to the rear wheel of the bike which can be used to lock the bike to typical bike racks. The lock box also has a fair amount of technology built in: it connects the bike to a c ... Read more »

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